My Creative Space


Hi Friends!  Thanks for joining me today as the Joy Clair Team and I share all of our crafty spaces to celebrate World Cardmaking Day! 42769093_10155617162932854_2804198243641065472_nWhen I fell in love with Bible Journaling in 2015 it became clear quickly that I would want some type of space to dedicate to my creative time in the Word!  After some thought my husband and I decided to to convert a closet in our bedroom into a desk space for me.  A little bit of wood, hardware, and paint turned that closet into a special space that I could spend time with the Lord creatively – basically a war room!  


I loved that closet and was so blessed to have that space, but as I grew in my journaling I soon realized that I needed more space.  Not only did I want more supplies on hand – but I needed a little more work space than that cute little closet could supply!  I also started doing workshops and wanted needed more storage space for the supplies and giveaways that I had started to accumulate.  My hubby and I decided to move me into a guest bedroom and that is where my office still is today.  This room is not only filled with my favorite journaling supplies – but the dresser and vanity I used are my grandmother’s vintage set. ♥




You may have an office, a desk, a closet or even just the dining room table! But make that a special space to worship and grow with the Lord!  Let your family know that the time is special and something you set aside for Jesus.  (What a testimony to have your family see your time with the Lord as the #1 priority!)  




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