Illustrated Faith Revival Camp 2018

Calling all Campers! Revival Camp 2018 is finally here! This is the 3rd Revival Camp from Illustrated Faith and this year it is offered as a kit! There will be 2 more kits to follow in August and September. Hope you will join me for this fun, heart changing, camp themed journey throughout the summer. Check out all the details below including where to purchase your own!
You have two options for purchasing the kit – with or without the journal. The kit comes nicely delivered in the above white box.
Once you purchase the kit, Dayspring will email you the free digital printables pictured above full of journaling cards and the cutest cut outs for your journal or Bible pages!
The contents of this kit are just amazing! Shanna Noel, Dayspring and all of the contributors went above and beyond! This year Illustrated Faith chose members of the online Bible Journaling Community to write the devotionals for each month. It will be such a blessing to read what God has spoken to their hearts to share with us!
You also get 5, yes 5!, sheets of pale green alphabet stickers with this kit.
So how cute are those patches? Along with each devotional there is a patch to collect. (That makes the Girl Scout in me very happy!) You also get a pouch to keep your patches in and a large Revival Camp logo sticker.
Above you will see the cute stamp set filled with the patches, trees, sayings and arrows to help illustrate your faith. You also get the page pictured above of punch out paper pieces and fun green wood grain washi tape. The trail mix bag was put together by Shanna herself and each one is different and full of fun embellishments. You can be sure that each of these kits were packaged with love and prayers!
The kits are absolutely wonderful, but the time spent with the Lord is priceless. If you have been struggling to get in the Word daily I encourage you to try illustrating your faith creatively using this kit. This will be my third year of Revival Camp and I cannot wait to see how God will speak to our hearts! If you want to join me for this journey click on the link below and let me know if you have any questions! (And remember to use code THANKYOU in July for 25% off your total order!)

Blessings and can’t wait to see you at camp! 😉



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