Gratitude Journals

12Documenting this month of November in a journal has been SUCH a blessing to my heart!  Taking time out of every day to just be thankful was much needed.  I used the prompts provided by Illustrated Faith to make my own Gratitude Journal.  As I posted these day by day on Facebook and Instagram I got many requests for how I made the journal.  So here it is below!  Step by step instructions for making your own journal!  Easy Peasy! 

I started by typing out the prompts in Word booklet template.  I used higher quality (24lb) 8.5×11 paper and printed it out double sided. 1

On to the cover.  Choose a piece of cardstock you like.  (I chose paper from the Illustrated Faith Gratitude Documented line.)  I trimmed it down using my paper cutter to leave a small boarder around my 8.5×11 paper. 2

The next step is completely unnecessary but I love rounded corners!!  So I took the time to use my corner tool cutter to round the edges of both the cardstock cover and the inside paper. 3

After the paper was rounded, I folded it all in half so that I could easily tell where to staple.  A booklet stapler works best!45

The next step for me was to draw different banners in pencil around each prompt.  I did this for the whole journal.  6

I wanted to cover the whole page in watercolor and put my decorations on top.  I used my Neocolor II Watercolor Crayons to cover each page.  I left the banners white to help them stand out on the page.  *Helpful Hint – I went ahead and watercolored all of the pages before I started to decorate.  This way the water from the colors will not effect any stickers, stamps, glue or writing you may have on the previous page.   78

At this point I went through all pages and outlined the banners with a Sharpie Fine Point Non Bleed Pen.11

At this point I was ready to start decorating and journaling! As far as my process goes I picked the consistent items I wanted on each page.  I already had the headings and banners.  I also decided to have the scripture printed out on each page by typing them ahead of time onto clear sticker paper.  I simply cut them out and stuck them to the page.  I also wanted different washi tape on the page so I decided on 2 rows of washi tape on the bottom of each page decorated with a number sticker and a stamp that said “Gratitude Documented”.  Those would be my staples for each page and I would simply build around those each day.  I also set aside some of my favorite journaling supplies to use. 910

And that is it!  Very easy and a great way to document your faith!  Check out my Instagram page for each entry.  Comment below if you have any questions! 


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